A Unique Tale

The Fable adventure began at a vintage fair, where a delicate printed bee scarf dated from the 1940’s was discovered by our founder, crafted from off-cut fabric used for the RAF pilots in World War II. The beautiful bee print symbolised flight, determination and courage.

This sparked the idea of telling a tale through prints and delicate hand painted jewellery. Each represents positivity and inspires kindness to uplift the human spirit, bringing joy to all who possess the Fable charm.

Like every story there’s a beginning, and this was ours.


True to the origins of ‘fable’ and partial to a story, each collection represents a new tale interpreted by hand painted collectable charms and narrative prints.

At Fable, we revert to traditional methods of handcrafted enamel jewellery, a true artisan skill. By acknowledging the old ways with considerate design, we create timeless treasures that are made to last.

Inspired by classic British literature. Designed and crafted with an infinite love of nature.


By name and nature, Fable has a moral. Our narrative of nature and love of the natural world allows us the opportunity to connect with kindred spirits and inspire others to help towards the monumental quest of restoring the planet.

We want our customers to be happy with their purchase, knowing that we are committed to learning how to make responsible choices from our practices, processes and materials.

For 2022 we have transitioned from crafting our handbags and accessories to vegan leather and recycled materials to reflect our love of the natural world. This influences not only our creativity but our conscious effort to always do better for our customers and the planet.

Partnering with environmental conservation organisation Make it Wild, which have helped us to achieve our promise. Since August 2021, we have pledged to annually offset 70 tonnes of CO2e through tree planting at Bank Woods, North Yorkshire in England.

Fable England is an environmentally conscious company, dedicated to minimising our carbon footprint, ensuring that our emissions are offset and biodiversity thrives.